☂ Hyperefficient B2B Networking.

Would you invest in a Chinese company?

Business networking for startups & VCs is tough.

Referrals from friends and colleagues are great, but lack consistency, diversity, and reach. 

Searching through Pitchbook, twitter, AngelList, or LinkedIn is exhausting and brings little success. 


We’ll introduce you to the most compatible founders, investors, and peers–the people best for you to take your business further. 

And we’ll keep it simple. 
Just answer a few questions and we’ll arrange one weekly business introduction to the right person that we know you’ll find interesting. 


// How does it work?

We blend fancy database technology & patented HITL matching algorithms…but that shouldn’t convince you of anything. Try us out: Four business introductions for $50. If you like the secret sauce then pay us again.

// What does it cost?

Pay-what-you-want for four business introductions each month, with a of minimum $50/m. 

// Is there a free trial?

Unfortunately not. It’s not sustainable and brings in a ton of un-interested people who you probably don’t want to meet.

// Is this AI?

Are you AI? AI is a buzzword. Nobody cares. Your business needs real people. AI didn’t write this page and your robot dog doesn’t love you.

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